Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
~Mohandas Gandhi



Committed to Increasing Cultural Awareness by showcasing the rich ethnic diversity of India and Promoting Cultural Harmony through Community outreach, Volunteerism & Philanthropy.

9-11 Relief    $4,615
Boys & Girls Club    $1,000
Candlelighters of Brevard  $16,500
Centenial of Veterans  $10,000
Children's Hunger Project  $11,187
Crosswinds Youth Services  $37,250
Daily Bread  $14,025
Early Intervention   $10,250
Earthquake Relief(2001-Gujarat,India)    $8,000
Earthquake Relief(2004-SE Asia,CARE)    $1,000
FIT-Endowment Scholarship$100,065
Habitat of Humanity    $7,500
Haiti Earthuake Relief, Russka Orphanage$220,645
Hindu Temple, Brevard       $250
IASC Volunteers  $15,674
Manav Mandir, Brevard$425,001
Meals on Wheels    $3,000
Miami Bridge Foundation  $25,000
Orissa, India(2003-Flood Relief)    $1,000
Promise in Brevard  $61,204
Red Cross, Brevard County    $4,000
Red Cross(2008-Midwest Flood Relief)    $2,500
Red Cross(Palm Bay Firefighters)       $979
Red Cross(2004-Tsunami,Indonesia)    $4,439
Serene Harbor   $10,700
Shriners of Brevard    $7,500
Space Coast Marine Institute    $2,000
Spot Light Theater    $1,001
Vietnam Veterans of America    $2,500
Yellow Umbrella   $10,500
Youth Outreach-WDNH       $250
Hurricane Victims, Volunteering 
Total Donations $1,019,535